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Bhitarakanika National Park, Crocodile Wildlife Sanctuary, Odisha

By Train: Bhadrak - 55 kms to Chandabali Bhadrak - 70 Kms to Jayanagar, Cuttack - 140 kms to Khola / Gupti, Bhubaneswar - 160 kms to Khola/Gupti.
By Bus: Bhubaneswar - Khola / Gupti (160 kms), Cuttack - Khola / Gupti (140 kms), Bhadrak - Chandbali (55 kms), Bhadrak – Jayangar (70 kms).

Bhitorkanika Forest Block : Located on the opposite side of Dangamal across the river Bhitarkanika meadow spreads over 300 Hec. Herds of deers, wildboar and flocks of resident and migratory birds can be seen from the Watch Tower at Baga Gahana.


Ekakula(babubali,Udabali&Ekakulansi) : Most secluded part and situated north of the National Park, Ekakula faces the sea on the side and maipura river on the other. Ekakula mangroves forests, Tranquil beach is added attraction. Ekakula beach is a lonely beach in Orissa . There are nobody available except you.
Dangmal :
 Situated on the heart of the National Park. it is the cynosure of Bhitarkanika having highest animal concentration. Herds of Spooted deer, huge crocodiles along the mudflats will greet you. once you are ther. Forest rest house are available in Dangmal.

Entry Point : Khola and Gupti are the two main entry points to enter the most sought-after destination, Bhitarkanika National Park. Visitors should take entry permit from the Forest Check Gate at Khola and Gupti. Private boats are also available at JAYANAGAR & CHANDABALI.

Climate : Bhitarkanika National Park is near to the east-coast of Bay of Bengal and hence the weather at Bhitarkanika remains wet and humid. The temperature varies between 14 degree Celsius in winter to 40 degree Celsius in Summer.

2 Night 3 Days in Bhitorkanika - Panchalingeswar to Panchalingeswarperson - Minimum 8 person required - Price included fooding & lodging.